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I work with wool and alpaca roving to create seamless dresses, hats (see felted hat page), cat caves and other creations.
Roving is carded wool.
Below are a few examples of my work in Felting

nuno felted dresses made with wool roving and silk. they are light and airy and beautiful. one of the manymagical things about this process is the fabric is created at the same time as the garment, making it seamless... and also giving endless possabilities for design, stucture and play.

Nuno felted with mohair and silk.
A day in the Meadow Cat Cave
Seamless, Wet Felted with Wool and Alpaca.
Pluto through my Telescope
Large Felted Wall Hanging Wool and Alpaca with beads. Woven onto a barrel hoop.
Jellies Large Wall haning. Felted with Wool, Silk and Mohair.
Inspired by a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium
Felted Soap
The roving shrinks with use. Wool is and amazing antibacterial and it's like having your soap and washcloth in one.
These make a great gift and are available through The Alexander Gallery in Nevada City, CA and Riverside Studios in Truckee, CA


In My Nature
Nuno Flelted Jacket. There are no seams in this jacket. In this process the fabric and the garment are made together. Nuno Felting is the process of felting wool roving onto silk.
This Purse May Eat My Stuff
Wet Felted Purse, no seams, snap closure and cotton lined.

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