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About The Maker

First and foremost I am a Maker. I enjoy creating and have always had a love for the fiber arts, though I continue to enjoy experimenting in other mediums such as metal.

I have been working in various forms of Fiber Arts most of my life. Exploring many areas of this medium including fine fabrics, pine needles, wool roving, alpaca, botanical dyeing and printing. Working with these organic, natural materials, from gathering to finished work is bliss. Including designing and creating custom costumes/gowns/outfits for events, weddings and theater.

I have embraced the botanical print/dye process that uses plants such as eucalyptus, walnut & catalpa to transfer the image of leaf, flower or stem onto fabric using iron, copper, alum or other mordants to bind the natural color of the botanical to the fabric. Botanicals are also be used to create lovely natural dye baths. The results are no less than magical. I have also taught workshops in various fiber arts. 

The texture, colors, diversity, and limitless possibilities fiber offers are delicious and there is no limit to the exploration of this wonderful art adventure.

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